Tuesday, August 10, 2010

KOTD - Chris Tipsy vs Blaze (KOTD Career Match)

Blaze from Scarborough started the rap battle asking Chris Tipsy why he is always smiling but seems mad when he raps and called him a fag. His word play an rap flow seemed to be thorough. He focused on trying to call opponent a crack head and told him that he wouldn't be coming back after he loses. he seemed to have brought up his oppositions past record and said that he lost every match that he has ever had. His punchline about getting sponsored by Walt Disney was one of the best I heard all week. Blaze admitted to getting half of his mothers welfare check and proceeded to accuse his rival of using crack. He told his rival that he's a weak asset to The Dot. Chris Tipsy went up to rhyme next and said the only reason he's battling his challenger is because he had the audacity to use his name in a few Youtube Rap Battles to add to his views. He implied that his opposition has a weak work ethic and compared him to porn then made fun of the way his voice sounds. He asked his adversary not to rap then compared his ears to bad corn. He also claimed to be nice at rhyming music wise then brought up that Blaze was supposed to battle and he tried to imply that he is a fake gangster. This artist was real lyrical with putting words together. He ended off thoroughly describing his opponents rhyme structure. In my opinion Chris Tipsy won this round of the match even though his opponent had the best punchline of this round he just didn't have as many.

Blaze went up to rhyme in the second round of the rap battle calling Chris Tipsy a ton of names and kept it lyrical. He implied that his adversary sleeps with men and said he determined that he was a fagot. He asked his rival how many penis's he licks a day and said he would spit in his face on purpose and said he would punch him until his lip swell up. Chris Tipsy then went in to rhyme and claimed that if Blaze beats him at battling he would hang up his mitts. He brought the fact that his opponent put up 250 and said he wanted him to lose and get banned from touching a Mic because he said that Hip-Hop is changing so as a result he's not right for the scene. He said that his rhymes would make his challenger retire as garbage and said the would find his carcass on Rap Battle Tv. He compared himself to incest and said that Blaze beating him is like OZ passing a piss test and told him that he doesn't have a gun. He seemed to be calling his opponent a fake baller at the end. Chris Tipsy won this round of the hip-hop battle in my opinion because he had a longer verse it seemed like.

In the third round of the rhyme tournament Blaze didn't seem amused by Chris Tipsy and started spitting. He said that his adversary is gonna focus on calling him fake and asked his rival who he was trying to portray and called him gay again and accused him of fantasizing about men in the worst way. He seemed to have compared him and his opponent to two movies and called him cock eyed because he only sees penis's because he cock eyed. He was also wishing horrible things on his oppositions mother and seemed to have cursed at him to end it off. Chris Tipsy went in for the next round of this lyrical match up and said that Blaze thinks he's an inferno. He spent alot of time expressing his lyrical skills and seemed to trying to call Blaze a coward. He claimed that everyone hates his adversary and got fast and syllabic for a quick second. He swore that his challenger can't see him lyrically and mentioned Charron. He said that his rival looks like a skinny cracked out Ja-Rule with a deficiency. He told his opponent that he wasn't soldier like he claims to be. I would say this round of the rhyme battle was a tie.

In the fourth round of this tournament Chris Tipsy started out by saying that he hates Blaze and called him a fagot and said he would puke in his face after drinking liquor. He started trying to freestyle because he ran out of rhymes and mostly kept on saying that he hated his rival. Blaze went up to flow next and said he wasn't intimidated by Chris Tipsy's size. He said he would horse kick his opponent in the balls. He came back spitting the gay jokes and said his adversary sucks a dick like a straw then he messed up. He seemed to be telling a story about creeping with his adversary's girl. Blaze finished off by saying once he's finished with his oppositions girl he would hop in what seemed to be his car and leave and he won this round of the carreer match in my opinion.


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