Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Oshea Vs Baron Mynd

Baron Mynd sarted off teh first round of the cypher cursing at Oshea and compared him to Porky. He said that his opponent couldn't hurt him and said that he wasn't hard. He said that his bars are harder and said that his adversary could never try him. Oshea went in to rhyme soon after talking junk about Baron Mynd saying he had fagot rhymes. He said that he was above his challenger and called his flow sick. He said that his rival is a dirty fagot. This round of the freestyle battle was a tie.

In the second round of the lyrical battle Baron Mynd seemed to be just saying anything and it sounded like he told Oshea that he would beat him on his worse day. It sounded like he called himself a terrorist and called his adversary a whack cunt. Oshea went up to spit next and he called Baron Mynd a spastic that couldn't see him. It seemed like he threatened to knock out his challenger and he kept on saying listen. Eventually he just said that he doesn't know and he told him to tell someone to pucker up. He admit to messing up and cursed at his opposition then told him that he sucks. Baron Mynd seemed to have won this round of the freestyle rap battle based on consistency.


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