Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Amos Vs 2K (TAOF3 Champion)

Amos went first in this freestyle battle He said something about 2K's mothers house and seemed to be asking the host for a stage prop. He called his opponents name not relevant for the time. This dude was really saying anything and seemed to be giving props to Innuendo. 2K accused his Amos of living in a caravan at his mothers house and implied that he was gonna flow sick. This MC tended to repeat himself and kept on saying the word you know. He said that his challenger looks like he probably got laid off and bragged about his rhymes then at the end it sounded like he called his opponent is a Little Debbie. This round of the rap cypher was a tie.

In the second round of the freestyle tournament Amos started his verse calling 2K a chump and seemed to be trying to flip the bars that he said to him. He was making comments about his adversary's mother as well and asked where his gym bag was. He said something about his adversary being able to freestyle but he doesn't have any verbals. 2K went up to rhyme next and said something about battering Amos. I don't know what he said after that but he made a goofy pose and gesture. He pointed out his oppositions shark tooth around his neck. He said that his rhymes are legit and claimed to be pissed. This round of the freestyle match was a tie.


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