Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Evila Vs Baron Mynd

Baron Mynd started the freestyle battle and said that Evila insisted he goes first. He seemed to flow pretty nice with the beat it sounded like he called his opponent a Virgin Mc. He called his rival a dick head and a skin head then reminded that he was coming off the top of the dome. Evila started of saying look at this guy as he referred to Baron Mynd and accused the guy of coming to the cypher in a checkered shirt. He said something about MR.T and called his rivals shirt fake. He accused his challenger of practicing incest. Baron Mynd won this round of the cypher by a little bit more.

In the second round of the rap cypher Baron Mynd started out calling Evila a herb and said he comes through on the mic. He seemed to be doing a lot unnecessary cursing on his side when he was rapping and accused his opponent of engaging homosexual activities. He accused his rival of having a stupid beard and said he looks like a retard. He called him whack for trying to dis his shoes. When it was time for Evila to spit his verse. He called himself scary and said that it's not fault that his Baron Mynd can't grow more pubic hair. He said something about putting his rivals girl in a sandwich and called him a disgrace. it sounded like he made a name to call himself and said he was a hip dog. He kept on telling his challenger. This round of the rap cypher crappy on both sides it was a tie.

Evila went up to rhyme next and said that Baron Mynd repeats him self. He said that he is the kind to lead his challenge behind and asked him what his name was because he had forgotten. He said he should have beat his rival before and seemed to be trying to call his opponent a pedophile. He accused his rival of hanging at the playground getting an erection. Baron Mynd went next to spit and said he doesn't know where to find the spot that Evila is from but he compared it to a vagina. He called him self sick and said that he couldn't beat evil eyez because his rhymes were cheesy. This round of the MC battle was a tie.


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