Sunday, August 8, 2010

Koleyon Vs Reggie P

Reggie P said that he didn't come there to see who could rap the best and said that he got chains that would strain Koleyon's neck. He threatened to put his opponent in a Hurst fast and called his opponent a fruit. The last thing he called his opponent was an old dirty bastard. Koleyon had real generic rhymes he claimed to go the hardest it was kind of hard to hear his rhymes with the loud music playing but I heard some of it he said his opponent sounds like Reggie Brown and ended by telling his challenger that he's ho'n. Reggie P won this round of the emcee battle.

Reggie P started off telling Koleyon that he's dealing with the best and asked why he is so hairy. He called his opponents tattoos ugly and compared his opponent to
Tupac and said he be busying guns. He claimed to have never had been a fake gangster. He compared his adversary to Mobb Deep and seemed to have said that he would break his cell wall. Koleyon said that he had a gun for surgery and calls it Nip tuck. He claimed to be with his oppositions girl with her screaming. It sounded like he compared himself to David Banner at the end. Koleyon won this round of the MC battle.

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