Sunday, August 8, 2010

KOTD - Noah23 vs Speakeasy

Speakeasy started the rap battle first claiming that Noah23 head makes him feel better about his own and called his adversary's career crappy. He said that his rival looks like he's trying to charm snakes and accused him of being scared of lawn mowers. He said he would make a bowel movement on his opponents well then at the end it seemed like he was calling him a horse jockey. Noah23 went up to next calling himself old school and compared himself to a concord jet and didn't hesitate to get syllabic. He called Speakeasy a dolphin and implied that he has him as a pet. He tried to imply towards the end that his opponent was a fan of him when he use to rap back in the days and took credit for giving his challenger a style but told him that he wasn't his father. This emcee got real lyrical. In my opinion Noah23 won this round of the rhyme battle.

In the second round of this cypher Speakeasy seemed to have stepped up his word play and claimed to know Noah23 and that he had been through a lot of adversity and made height jokes. He got real syllabic when he was spitting and called his older opponent a cabbage patch kid. He said his rivals music sucks and he never listens to a whole song. He called his opponent a fake bitch that would never make it. Noah23 went up to rhyme next and said that Speakeasy beating him would be harder than picking fly poop out of black pepper. He said that his adversary lost to Diaz because he couldn't speak Spanish and then started to spit in that language himself. He told his adversary to speak when he is spoken to and then spoke about are ancestors mentioning Aliens. He said that his opponent looks like Mr Conspiracy stuck between transformation. Noah23 won this round of the lyrical battle.

In the third round of this battle the emcee known as Speakeasy jumped right in and said Noah 23 will never see respect his opponent and accused him of building boats. He called his opponent a mascot and tried to say that he fakes like he is a celebrity. He seemed to be trying to say that when his adversary raps he sounds cranky like he needs to take a nap and seemed like he's trying to call him an old man. He called his rival a bobble head and Mr Magoo. Noah 23 started to spit about when he went to L.A. supposedly to perform. He told Speakeasy that he was there to cancel his program and told him he would be out classed by no man especially an old fan who dances alone to slow jams. He made a threat to mutilate his Speakeasy and made it clear that he wouldn't lose.

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