Monday, August 9, 2010

Oshea Vs Kev Teezy

Kev Teezy went in and started the MC battle by saying he doesn't care about what Oshea said and told him he looked gay. He kept on spitting about his rap flowin which if you ask me it needs a little practice but it's straight but he wasn't making much sense. it sounded like he was going on to rap about his opponents jeans. His last statement to his adversary, suck me dick. Oshea went in saying big ups to everybody except for Kev Teezy and told the crowd to look at the mans face. He said his adversary was going to Burger King after the cypher. He tried to imply that his challenger was a character from Sonic the hedgehog. Oshea won this round of the matchup because he had more punches.

In the second round of the freestyle battle Kev Teezy seemed to be calling Oshea a lonely vagina and said he would give the guys mother a sexually transmitted disease. He said that his rivals mother is like a waffle and said that she looked at his cock then gave it a gobble. He called his rival a fat man from some where then called him a disgrace. he called him a gay queer then went on to say that he rhymes sincere. Oshea started the next round of the MC tournament and implied that Kev Teezy looks like a crack head version of Sprungy and seemed to have said that he would kill his grand daddy. He called himself the baddest in the building and accused his opponent of being a pedophile. He tried to get syllabic towards the end and said he would hit him with a javelin and his last statement implied that he wasn't about to lose. Oshea won this last round of the hip hop battle.

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