Monday, August 9, 2010

Nicky Talent Vs Evileyz

Nicky Talent started the freestyle battle claiming to have a story and said something about Evileyz shitting himself. His rhymes were unclear and sounded like he was fumbling with his lyrics. He said that his adversary wet the toilet and left the bathroom and realized he was still making bowel movements in his pants. Evileyz started off but his verse was hard hard to catch where he rhymed. He gave a shout out to the back and told the crowd to nod there head if they thought Nicky Talent was a corny rapper. He seemed to be implying that his challenger was so scared that his heart was racing and said that he can't handle. He asked his opponent to please give up. This round of the MC battle was a tie.

In the second round of the freestyle tournament Nicky Talent told Evileyz that he's not even really that evil and called him a weasel. He said on the microphone he's packing weight. He had an aggressive delivery but sounded like he was just saying anything and called his opposition a cunt. He seemed to be saying anything towards the end and his flow getting off beat. Evileyz called Nicky Talent's breath worse than his farts and said he looks like a Canaries and doesn't scare him. He claimed that he couldn't look at his challengers face and asked if this was a gay bar. He told his opponent that with the rhymes he ain't hard and told him that he can't speak Hip Hop. He reminded the crowd that this was a freestyle. This round of MC clash was a tie.

In round three of this cypher Evileyz went first an asked how the battle went to over time and told Nicky Talent to look at his watch because it's all that he's got. At the end of his verse it seemed that he told him to go home in this quick round. Nicky Talent went next in this cypher saying that his opponent thinks he so cool and said that he needs to go home and was rapping syllabic. This round of the rap battle was a tie.

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