Monday, August 9, 2010

Bomberman Vs Eddy Pops

Bomberman started the first round of this emcee battle and must I say damn his voice is high pitched and it was hard to hear him. I heard him say something about England and Italy then I heard him threaten to slap his Eddy Pops. Towards the end he sounded like he stumbled. Eddy Pops went next to rap and said that Bomberman is only sixteen and said it was his first battle but he wouldn't have a problem kicking his challengers ass to Seattle. He said that his rival doesn't even look like a rapper and he just looks like a twig and claimed that he didn't know what he got himself into. His flow was mad off beat and he said that he would kick his oppositions butt. This round of the MC tournament was a tie.

In the second round of the freestyle contest Bomberman started out calling Eddy Pops uninteligent and said that his adversary looks like he is Spanish. It sounded like he said something about his rival smelling like dirty socks and seemed to be asking if he was a heroin addict. Eddy Pops said that he heard his Bomberman the shit but he said that he thought otherwise and claimed that he would work him in a fight. He claimed that he would hump the mouth of his opponents dead carcass. He called his adversary an MC that looks like he can't handle rap and seemed to be saying that his opponent is 6 feet 1. He tried to say that his adversary didn't have talent in my opinion this cypher was a tie.

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