Monday, August 9, 2010

Disciple Vs Krimzun Chin

Disciple started the freestyle battle telling Krimzun Chin that he was coming off the top from what it sounded like he seemed to be calling his adversary embarrassing. He threatened to smash his face and said something about his opponent having a tiny temper. He seemed to be describing his metaphors and after a while it sounded like he was rhyming but just saying anything. Krimzun Chin started spitting his verse next and said his style is bold and doesn't work like something that is too old. He started getting syllabic after awhile and had a pretty good flow compared to his challenger and seemed like. He said his opponents rhymes don't impress and that he needs to go home. He said that his adversary gets scared of his own reflection then was stopped before he could finish his verse. in my opinion this round of the emcee battle was a tie.

In the second round of the freestyle competition Disciple seemed to be trying to say that he couldn't understand Krimzun Chin's lines. He said something about being drunk in the style and said he would come to his front door and take out his mother. He told his opponent that it wasn't his time and said something about killing his rival. Krimzun Chin started flowing with his syllabic rhyme style again. he said that Disciple's rhymes make him wanna slit his wrist and said that he wan't playing and said that when he raps your head will start swaying. Towards the end of his bars he started stumbling on his lyrics. This freestyle rap battle was a tie.

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