Monday, August 9, 2010

Chronicle Vs Benny Diction

Chronicle started the freestyle battle and was pretty good might I say he introduced Benny Diction and seemed to be trying to insult the way his head looked. He said that he would punch him in his lip. He bragged about himself spiting flames and accused his opponent of sucking cocks. He making fun of what his rival was wearing and he was pretty good he seemed like he knew what he was saying. His delivery was hyper and he said that his opposition wasn't ready for his flow. Benny Diction started out by telling Chronicle that his face is horrible and used big words to describe his head. He seemed to have a slip up or two when he was rapping as well but he picked back up and started rhyming thoroughly after. He kept on saying ya almost like he was running out of things to say and messed up on what he said at the end and had to correct himself. In my opinion Chronicle won this round of the MC tournament.

Chronicle started out saying that his opposition would feel his knuckles and said that the night before Benny Diction was sucking somebody off. He said that he screwed his adversary's grand mother so hard that her vagina looked like mushy jam and said that his opponent wasn't ready for his flow and his was crap. After awhile he seemed to be running out of raps. He then began to just say anything and repeating. He called his adversary a skinny ass and ended off rapping about stabbing him. Benny Diction then went in and started spitting his verse and didn't hesitate to get at Chronicle. He seemed to be saying that his challenger was the same height as him. He said that his opponent looks like he has diseases and accused him of sucking cock. He started to repeat himself as well. His flow sucked and he reminded the people that he was trying to freestyle. Chronicle won this round of the freestyle match up.

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  1. thanks for the review... first battle in 5 years, not normally my thing. It's good to hear other people's opinions man, agree with most of ur points too. Nice one, peace


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