Friday, August 6, 2010

Grind Time Now presents: E-Dub vs Farnum

E-Dub started the lyrical battle talking about Farnum with syllabic raps off the bat. He threatened to kill his opponent in a thousand ways and said that battling him wouldn't redeem his past since he graduated above his level. He said that in the past two years his opponent hadn't left Florida and said that his rap career is stuck in the Ozone like the stratosphere. He said that his opposition trying to hate on him won't make him ground breaking and told everyone everybody his real name Jordan then tried to compare the man to sneakers. Farnum started the his verse saying that he was told to battle E-Dub and thought he was in trouble. He tried to call his adversary a Wig-Ga and called himself a little heated because he was talking a little reckless. He accused his opponent of acting like a hoe than told him that he'd never get nationally known because of his voice. He called his challenger the reason that Frank Stacks thinks rap is a joke and said that he was rapping against the crack head from every episode of intervention. Farnum mentioned E-40 at he end of his verse but it took him kind of long to get his lyrics out. He said accused E-Dub of having a wanna be URL style and mentioned Aye Verb, Cortez, Head ice and Big T. This round of the rhyme cypher was a tie because both emcees seemed to be similar but just had different voices.

In the second round of the MC clash E-Dub went in to flow next and claimed Farnum looked up to somebody not really sure who though. He got real syllabic with the flow again and accused his opponent got killed by a teen and still didn't learn his lesson then accused him of almost crying the last time he lost a lyrical battle. He accused his adversary of having to lose a cypher just to get exposed for having a feminine side and then he accused him of trying to dis rapper DNA ,calling the east coast generic. He called his opponent a dick rider basically and said the only 16 he can get to add up is by adding his area code. It's funny when emcees be trying to explain there punchlines. He made a metaphor pertaining to one twelve. Farnum then went in and said E-Dub's name is John streaker then said that he doesn't hold guns He said that he'd turn his oppositions whole division against him. He said he'd leave his challenger like Exxon oil and said he was a red neck that got caught screaming white power. He said that he would make the kid buckle and he called himself a serial killer. He claimed that he couldn't be handled and his opposition had a nose like a parrot. This round of the rhyme battle was tie.

in the third round of this rap cypher E-Dub jumped in right and started flowing and said he'd catch Farnum at the bus stop and shoot him. He used a lot of school boy disses on his opponent. He brought up where his opponent is from ans said it was the home of and he threatened to put a second L in front of his name and compared him to Grind time's new logo. He bragged that all he does is win and accused his adversary of yelling for attention. Farnum went up to rap and told everyone that he was 16. He said that the sun is out to kill E-Dub and said that he bumps Pretty Ricky. He called his challenger a dust head and said him and his peoples would strong arm rob him for using thug force. He tried to imply that his opposition isn't a drug lord and tried to call a red neck. He told his opponent that he should be born 300 years in the past for using N word that was deep. Farnum won this round of the rap battle by a little bit more.

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