Friday, August 6, 2010

Grind Time Now presents: Jee Polo vs Godzilla

Godzilla started the cypher with a lyrical flow talking junk about Jee Polo and he said that he has a fat chick that he wouldn't think of having sex with then tried to say that she stinks like mustard. He called her a blow up doll and tried to say that he's so fat that she pops when he's hitting that. he said that he got his name from having a monster dick and said he would rock his opponent like a Ralph Lauren sponsorship. He said that he has no consciousness and referred to his adversary as being a fagot. His last metaphor was kind of deep. Jee Polo went in to rap next and claimed to be sexually intimate with Godzilla mother. He said in South Florida people grow up eating Gator tail and warned him about stepping to him with some name he took from dinosaur and called him a pussy but he said that he would eat him. He seemed to be spitting a freestyle but he was pretty good at it and made a valid point about the real Godzilla being able to spit fire. He said that he would turn his opposition into a suit case and gator shoes in other words he tried to call him a reptile it seemed. This round of the cypher was a tie.

In the second round of the rhyme battle Godzilla went up next and started spitting his verses. He said that his dick would hurt Jee Polo's lady and said he'd have her screaming like a virgin that birthed a baby. He then began to elaborate on how she likes to eat sperm and said his opponent has a weird thirst for gravy. and said he'd put Polo in a bag like he works at Macy's. He started to get lyrical again spit and was spitting mad thorough punchlines. Godzilla basically went on to call his opposition a homo snitch. Jee Polo went up to rhyme next and the first thing he said was that his opponent wasn't a monster but claimed that his squad was and said they were good for sneaking up out the water on people. He said that his whole click would pop up in camouflage and said that he would stomp his adversary out in Air Forces. He was clearly freestyle rapping and said he was a real monster and brought up the Bogey man and told him not sleep on him. In my opinion Godzilla won this round of the rap cypher.

In the third round of the cypher Godzilla tried to impersonate Jee Polo and said that he doesn't know whether the guy is illiterate or his mouth is riddled with a thousand little dicks. He said his opposition makes the South look ignorant and tried to imply that his rival has no sense. He said his opposition had a farmers tan and has dirty feet. He accused his opponent of preferring Mountain Dew and Beef Jerky in a drink. He called himself gold and said that his adversary was bronze. His last metaphor compared his rival to a musical note. Jee Polo went in to spit next and said that his opponent can't even hang with Rep-tar. He said he would slap his opponent until he turns purple like Barney and said he would turn his name into Od zilla because he would take the G out of him. Godzilla won this round of the lyrical battle.


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