Friday, August 6, 2010

Grind Time Now Presents: Fresco vs SamIAm

SamIAm started the rhyme battle off saying that Fresco only had one girl friend which is non debatable and accused him of not being able to get head because his girl was inflatable. He called himself a rhyme analyst and said he never been a fan of his opponent. He said that his opposition is dumb as a brick and said he rather be getting high off of marijuana. He made fun of his oppositions hair and was talking crap about his girl. He said that his rival gets no love because he's trying to be pretty and pink. Fresco went next without a shortage of words and said SamIAm's talk is very gentle then accused him of not smoking pot because the body is a temple. He tried to imply that his opponent is a white washed hipster. He tried imply that opponent is a perverted homo with a Hip Hop store that's not relevant and that he's in a cypher with no chance for survival. He bragged about SamIAm's girl friend having a cave size pussy. Fresco won this round of the cypher.

In the second round of the lyrical battle SamIAm went in and started spitting and countered Fresco's last punchline. He called his opposition a vagina wave that got screwed in cyber space and accused his opponent of getting in weddings just to be maid of honor. He told him to spit some manly stuff next time he gets in the cypher and mentioned the fact that he freestyles again. He ended by saying that he fixes better spaghetti even though he's black. Fresco then went in to rhyme next claiming that on the battle rap tip that his opponent was screwed. He said he'd pop his neck brace loose and said his mother is a dike in a syllabic form. He said he couldn't have sex with her and claimed her vagina was too hairy. He said he screwed his challengers little sister and took her out to eat after. Fresco won this round of the rap battle.

In the third round of this match up SamIAm started it with no hesitation and said that Fresco is a dike and a comedian. He said that he improvises off the top and that's the reason he can't be stopped. He said that his rival should go downtown. he accused his opponent of only reciting writ-tens. He said that he's too shady like a pack of Eminem's. At the end of his verse he called his oppsition a fake Vanilla Ice. Fresco started off his raps calling SamIAm a fake Tiger Tye and said that his opponent looks like he should be at a Airport or golf park driving pedestrians on golf parks. He said that his challenger cant't afford to go to the movies so he cops the bootleg. He tried to call his opponent a homo then started to freestyle rap as well and told a story about running into his house snatching his sisters ride. he finished off by saying that Lady Gaga has a bigger dick than his opponent. SamIAm won this round of the rhyme battle for sure.

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