Saturday, August 7, 2010

Philly Swain VS Mic Stewart RedBull EmSee Final Round Philadelphia

Philly Swain started the rap battle saying that he isn't trying to talk crazy or get all loud and he cursed at the crowd. He said that Mic Stewart's head looks like mop and he said that his opponent couldn't dress. He said that he would put his opposition on the block an won't ever let him stop. He said that he would screw his rivals mother. He said that he would take his rival and put him on the block and won't ever let him stop. He said he would start shooting at him and doesn't care if his adversary tries fighting back. Mic Stewart started out his verse saying that his opponent was rapping pretty loud an he let everyone know that he can't fight well. He called his challenger fat as well and said it was about to be a feast. It started sounding like he was really saying anything and didn't make sense. In my opinion Philly Swain won this round of the cypher.

In the second round of the freestyle battle Mic Stewart started out rhyming first and told the crowd he was rocking with the best and said he would give his opponent dreads even though he ain't got locks up on his head. he reminded the crowd that he was rocking with the beat box. He said he'd pull his hair back so his opponent could see his face. His flow continued to be on point. Philly Swain started off by saying he doesn't really know to start off and he seemed to be calling Mic Stewart a retarded kid. He was talking junk about his mother and said that his opponent isn't as hot as he thinks and compared him to Pink. He was talking junk to his oppositions friends as well and said that he gets money and ends. He called his opponent broke. Philly Swainwon this round of the MC battle because it didn't sound like his opponent was making any sense

In the third round of the emcee battle Philly Swain started out by saying in the past he played for the future and felt his present. He called himself big daddy with the cane and said Mic Stewart was half stepping. He compared his adversary to an R&b singer. He told his rival that he doesn't wanna ball because he's got a handle and said he'd turn his shoes into sandals. He made sure to mention he was from Philly again and said that his punches would make his opposition had a chin strap. He said that he would shoot and leave brains on his opponents kids lap. Mic Stewart started rapping talking about murder and the battle almost turned into a fight and got physical when he invaded his challengers space and touched him. He tried to get syllabic and the crowd went wild. He started saying so many things I couldn't follow him and started sounding like a Cat in The Hat book. Philly Swain won this round of the MC cypher.

Get YO GRILLZ on! Many styles to choose from!

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