Saturday, August 7, 2010

Grind Time Now presents: Lito vs Interstate FLamez (tryout)

Interstate FLamez started the rap battle and talked about himself more specifically where he is from Boston and described how the hood is where he is from. He claimed that where he is from the little kids be slanging and he tried to say that his rival doesn't know about being in the on the streets of the ghetto. He said that he'd give his opponent more shots then the free clinic and warned him. He swore that he gave his adversary a fatality. Lito went up to rap next and basically tried to call Interstate FLamez a fake. He tried to imply that his rival doesn't hold guns and he would shoot him for trying to check him. He accused his rival of lying to his father and said if the guy did have a gun he would pass it and not use it. He tried to imply that his opponent kisses a girl on the mouth that gives oral sex. Lito won this round of the rap battle.

Interstate FLamez started the first round of this rhyme battle saying that he knows the rules and is not a fool and said that he would play the rules and so he said he would tell the audience positive things. He claimed to be a G with a degree and threatened to spray up the dorm room and said that he be turning out his college. He called himself an animal and said that Lito might need a pass. He also compared his opponents head to a gym bag and said he would screw his girl then compared himself to a Gothic store. he called himself a boss and said he rather watch Austin Powers than listen to his opponents music. Lito went up to spit next and said Interstate FLamez is on a brow budget and claimed both of them browse together. He continued to tell his adversary to stop rapping about shooting guns because it's not really true and threatened to run up on his block and snatch his chain. He said that his challenger doesn't slang off cane and gets robbed on the D.L.. He said that his opponent has trash CD's and compared his tracks to a black bitch weave. He called his opposition light work. Lito won this round of the rap cypher.

in the third round of the one on one battle Interstate FLamez claimed not to know what he had in store for his opponent but mentioned that he could either cut slack or torture him. He tried to call his opponent messed up looking dude with an off swagger. He said he would run up on his adversary while he's flashing and beat him with a metal bar and fracture his head. He said he'd leave him in a coma so that he isn't dead and basically told a story about performing a hit on him. He said that most brain surgeons don't work on the weekend. His last statement was that he had a gun that would twist his cap backwards. Lito went in to rap soon after and said he told his mans that he didn't want to battle and had nothing to say to Interstate FLamez and his home boys, he seemed to be telling a story. He spit about his challenger a like he's a stripper and said he wouldn't blow with explosives on him. He compared shooting his opponents brain up and pieces on the wall to Facebook. He told his opponent he should go home and slap his girl because she agreed to give him head. Lito won this round of the hip hop cypher as well.

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