Saturday, August 7, 2010

KOTD - poRICH vs Soul Khan

Soul Khan started the rap battle trying to say that poRICH was a nobody and tried to say that the he didn't make a progression. He tried to call his opponents name is Richard Moss and said that they call him Matt Damon. He tried to call his opponent a confused person that doesn't know who he is and said if he loses it's because he let him win. he said his opponent probably still lives in the same basket where his parents left him in. He said that he only a couple of inches taller than his opponent and claimed that his ex girl friend said that his penis is 5 inches taller than his. poRICH said that Soul Khan is cheap and only came to the cypher because he heard that he was rich. He said that he was here to beat his rival and mentioned him making demands to the URL scene. He said that his challenger was both a man and a bitch. He tried to call his opponent a diva or germ freak and tried to imply that he looked like Ned Flanders. He accused his opponent of using played out raps and said he hears a dork when his he hears him rhyme. He said that Hip Hop isn't dead it lives in the north. This first round of the lyrical battle was a tie in my opinion.

Soul Khan started the second round of the cypher saying that his opponent got all up in his face that was supposed to get him some respect then he made fun of poRICH's height. He said that his opponent is the right height to join The Rescue Rangers. He used his opponent of using America into every rap reference he makes and after a while it seems that he forgot his rhymes and started to spit a freestyle raps. I could not believe it something must have gone wrong because I couldn't imagine Soul Khan messing up but he sure enough did. he said that he would fight his rival and accused only throwing uppercuts because of his height and compared having sex with his mother to a foursome because she was so big. He said that it was no use for his opposition to be the King Of The Dot since his feet can't touch the floor. poRICH started out his verse in this battle saying that he has home boys that are heavy in the streets and accused Soul Khan of losing a whole bunch of weight. He accuse his challenger of looking down the whole time he was battling during one of his matchups and accused him of being on Conceited's dick and dissing his squad. He called him abnormally fascinated by by short men. poRICH won this round of the cypher due to his opponent choking.

In the third and last round of this rap clash Soul Khan said he could beat poRICH whether he chokes or not and said on the night that Gary Coleman died he was giving his opponents mother a different stroke. He claimed in the hood people love him and said that his opponents favorite rapper is Too short. He said he wanted to battle Real Deal. He continued to to crush his adversary with short jokes and tried to call his girl fat. poRICH went in to rhyme next claiming that he had sex with his opponents girl and said he doesn't care if he was going against a Smack rapper. He accused his opposition of kissing DJ Premiere's ass. He even mentioned Dirt Bag Dan and said that his opponent has a lame sound he rather listen to James brown. He accused Soul Khan of going from moving from California to New York and competing in leagues from Grind Time to Smack. He accused his challenger of getting kicked off The Fresh Coast and ended with some horror core raps. This round of the emcee clash was a tie in my opinion.

In the fourth round of this lyrical clash poRICH started this cypher off and had racist remarks. He cursed at his opponents veteran status and said his opponent logged on and found out he was the direct descendant of homo sexual's. He told his adversary not to think that he has the Juice just because he spoke to Q at the Cd store he works at. He accused him of having a Honda Civic and ended talking about Grind Time and his bumper stickers. Soul Khan said that poRICH is like yo ho ho and a bottle of rum and tried to call his opponent the sheriff of Nottingham. He seemed to have dug up his oppositions past and asked him how he was poor. He said that he'd rip his oppositions neck like cello strings. He said that he would dig deep in his opponents chick and pass her to Cheddar cheese. He tried to say that his rival looks and smells like believe inside a septic tank and called him self the complete package. He said he bodied so many rappers he got his own cemetery and said his opponent plays with Barbie's and rock ken's clothes. Soul Khan won this round of the rhyme battle.

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