Saturday, August 7, 2010

KOTD - Young Stitch vs McNight

Young Stitch started the rap battle saying that McNight is so frail and skinny that he gets timid in the lunch line. He said a generic punchline and then said that his opposition is only a boss when he's at home alone his house. he asked his opponent if he could produce semen and accused him of getting drunk and admitting to sticking things in his butt. He tried to say that his adversary smells like a baby and said that he has strong cheesy insides. He implied that his rival is supposedly from Calgary but can never be found. He called his opponent an accidental birth for his last rhyme. McNight then went in and started to spit his verse saying that him and Young Stitch are both in there youth and use to hang around at the pool. He claimed that his opposition would look at him in the locker room a little too much and said that he use to whine all the time. He brought up Nat Select and seemed to be implying that his opponent looked like a character from dragon ball z. He called his opponent a mini me aka the missing link between mini me and Mr.clean. He said that his opponents girl has facial hair and he called her a transvestite with a fetish and a voice like Sketch Menace. This round of the cypher was a tie

Young Stitch went up to rap again and said McNight's brain would be hollow if he lost a brain cell for every guy that his mother swallowed. He accuse his opposition of sipping from a baby bottle. He made fun of his rivals hair due and compared it to a little kid from Malcolm in the middle. He made threats about beating his opponents head like a drum to make a song to it and described his girls vagina thoroughly. He called his opponent a hairless little fagot with flagrant ways. He asked how his opposition be locked in a box when mentality keeps him locked inside of a cage. McNight started his verse calling Young Stitch a thug Italian sarcastically. He said that his challenger looks ridiculous and said that he's on chemotherapy for testicular cancer. He accused his opponent of suffering from premature ejaculation and referred to his girl of being fat. He take his adversary's life. This round of the rap cypher was a tie.

In the third round of the rap battle Young Stitch claimed to have gotten suckered into going to one of McNight's shows. He tried to imply that his opponent looked like the guy from the sixth sense. He accused his opponent practicing gay anal sex and said that when the guy farts it smells like K Y and used rubbers. He called his adversary's mother so fat that she couldn't fit on the two covers of hustler magazine. he told his opponent to make as many scar jokes as he want to because can be fixed but ugly genetics can't be. He told every one that his opponent told him that his favorite rapper is Eminem and he even mentioned. McNight started off telling Young Stitch that he wasn't Hip hop and he mentioned the greats Nas, Grand Master Flash, Tupac, and Biggy Smalls. He said that his opponent doesn't hold guns and tried to call his rival Wig-Ga. He tried to call his challenger wanna be gangster and made homo sexual jokes about Young Stitch. This round of the cypher was a tie.

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