Sunday, August 8, 2010

KOTD - Reveal Vs. Stevie P

Stevie P started the first round of this rap battle trying to imply that Reveal wasn't who he had in mind to be up against and called him a mental case. He referred to his opponent as a feather weight. He tried to call his rival a homo-sexual and tried to compare the guys butt hole to a pirate ship. Do you get it sea-men? He said that nobody feels his adversary's punches like he was shadow boxing and compared his life to a group of circles, pointless. Reveal started rapping next and said that it was just him and Stevie P then said he would treat this match up like Survivor. He compared his challengers raps to piss and said that his was like the fire. His rhyme scheme reminded me of a Cat In The Hat book and seemed to be trying to say that he kept on trying to befriend him on Facebook. He all of a sudden started to spit syllabic lyrics but it seemed pointless because he wasn't saying much of anything but his last statement was straight. Stevie P won this round of the cypher in my opinion.

In the second round of the rhyme battle of the rhyme battle was started out by Stevie P saying that the only way he would give Reveal props if he stopped and claimed that he gets booed quite frequently. He also said that he would stomp his opposition and tried to imply that his adversary doesn't know how to speak correctly and equated him to Jarret from Subway. He called his opposition that he isn't making the cut and is as fake they come. The last statement he made implied that he was gonna body him until he decays. Reveal then went up next to rap and was talking crap about his Stevie P's CD and tried to imply that he never heard of him. He continued to make his words rhyme but some of his lines didn't make sense and said accused him of living with his mother. His last statement made it seem like his challengers girl uses cocaine. This round of the cypher was won by Stevie P.

In the third round of the rap cypher Stevie P called his schemes more complexed and compared them to Mayan pyramids and threatened to put a gun to Reveal's ear. He got syllabic during this round of the rhyme battle. He broke down his opponents name for him and said that he isn't showing any body anything that they already haven't seen. He accused his opponent of indulging in homo sexual acts with his own relatives and ended off implying that he is a pedophile. Reveal started to flow next and compared his lyrics to arrows. He called himself a word swift when attacked and said he wasn't scared. He said that on a scale of one to ten his raps are an eleven and accused Stevie P of snorting blow and trying to imitate him. His ending was straight but didn't seem natural enough. Stevie P won this round of the rap battle.

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