Wednesday, November 3, 2010

StreetWars 6: Legacy vs Cellophane (Freestyle Battle)

Legacy went into rhyme and claimed that his home town was Miami. He then said Cellophane was a clown that rhymes and brought up the fact that he was from Chicago. He claimed that when he was finished he would simply pick another beat and beat him down and rip a new. He also said said he would slice his opposition. He had a quotable punchline as well. Cellophane went into rhyme claiming to have a sick verse and accused him of humping a gasoline tank. He brought up the fact that he was coming off the top again and claimed to be stomping his adversary. He then quoted Lil Wayne and said he would spin the world around and drop it on his opponents head. He had a funny verse all together. He also made fun of his adversaries side burns. Legacy won this round of the freestyle clash in my opinion.

In the second round of the rhyme cypher Legacy went into spit and said he would take the dice from off Cellophane's hat and basically roll it. He also called his opponent a fool that should have stayed in school. He claimed that the other rapper he goes up against are small enough to ship in crates. He claimed that his opposition is lined up to lyrically get slain and claimed to get the crowd blazed. Cellophane then went into rhyme and said something about Legacy thinking he can make it rain when he tap dances and accused his girl of going down. He claimed to blast gats and started messing up on his rhymes. Legacy won this round based on consistency.

In the last round of the rhyme battle Legacy went into spit against Cellophane and countered what his opponent said about ejaculating on him. He said something about killing beats and described his rhymes to be cleaver. He claimed to bench press emcees and ended claiming that his opposition couldn't beat him physically or lyrically. Cellophane then went into rap against Legacy and I didn't hear not one thing that he said really except his insults every other bar he said bitch ass fagot. Legacy won this round of the freestyle clash in my opinion.

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