Monday, November 22, 2010


JAV started the freestyle battle against STEALTH claiming to have appreciated the match up and started making black jokes about him. He seemed to be freestyle rapping and was mocking his opponent. He made comparisons to his opposition with Alley. He then said at the end for his rival to kneel. STEALTH then went into spit and claimed that he didn't know JAV. He then accused his challenger of having hot dogs at the back of his neck. He claime that it was time for him yto finish his opponent and told him that his rhymes were trash. He also claimed that his rival was probably gonna go home and eat. JAV won this round of the cypher.

JAV then went into the freestyle battle against STEALTH and claimed to understand that it's Halloween. He then claimed to be in the background of a lot of rap battle videos and ended his bars telling to lay off the cock. STEALTH then went into spit and seemed to be comparing JAV to ice cream. He then started to clown his oppositions weight and reminded people that he himself was spitting off the top. He then told his opponent that if he dis approved with what he had to say he'd get fucked up and claimed to be on his beast mode. JAV won this round of the exhibition in my opinion.

In the third round of the freestyle clash JAV went into spit claiming that STEALTH seemed impressed with himself in rounds one but tried to imply that he shouldn't. He then had a quick slip up on hid bars while telling his opponent that he wasn't meant for rap. He then tried to call his adversary a dork. STEALTH then went to claim he had no answer for JAV's last bar and implied leaving him like cracked pavement. He then said that his opposition was just a visitor and claimed that he came there to let people know that he was G.

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