Saturday, November 13, 2010

Chicago Battleground & GT Midwest Presents: Lady Pharroh vs Dirty Redd

Dirty Redd went into the first round of what seemed to be a freestyle battle and claimed that Lady Pharroh thought she was the best Chicago had to offer. She claimed she wrote mad bars just to tear her adversary's dome off and claimed that Chicago wasn't a big enough city and that she should have been from New York. She asked when the time limit was up and claimed that she could go longer. She then said her opposition was a hot mess and claimed that she was trying to bring Hip Hop back. Lady Pharroh then went into rhyme and tried to imply that Dirty Redd was too old to still be rapping. She accused her adversary of listening to Pete Rock and said she would leave her stretched out. She claimed that her swag is on the ceiling. Lady Pharroh won this round of the match based on consistency.

In the second round of the rhyme battle Dirty Redd claimed to be a killer and described rolling Lady Pharroh up in her fist and throwing her. She claimed to be a monkey that needed nothing but Potassium and compared dropping her adversary to pigeon shit. She ended claiming that her rhymes sever. Lady Pharroh then went into rhyme comparing Dirty Redd to a character from the Movie Set It Off. She claimed that her adversary should have called off and claimed that she never seen her before. She ended her claiming that Obama just passed health care and her adversary would need them. Lady Pharroh won this round of the cypher in my opinion.

In the third round of the cypher Dirty Redd then went into spit and said she would sweep Lady Pharroh away like Sand man. She said that she was going off the top and was stuttering and slipping up on her words. She claimed to get back to the roots. Lady Pharroh then went into spit and seemed to be trying to call Dirty Redd Snoopy. She claimed to be a real mc and ended trying to call her opponent Mighty Joe Young. Lady Pharroh won this round of the exhibition in my opinion.

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