Sunday, November 14, 2010

KOTD - PR2B8 Semi Finals - Knamelis vs poRICH

Knamelis started the mc clash first and claimed that he was messing with poRICH's wife. He claimed to have seen his adversary in the bathroom sniffing drugs and tried to imply that he doesn't spit dope lines. poRICH then went into rhyme against Knamelis claiming that Hip Hop wasn't dead and that it lives in the north. He was clearly spitting off the top and seemed to be saying literally anything. Knamelis won this round of the freestyle battle.

In the second round of the freestyle clash Knamelis went into spit and claimed to have thought poRICH was proud to rap against him. He then said his opponent was a little bitch to him and said he would break him down specifically. He even brought up Kid Twist as well. poRICH then went into spit and said something about September and cursed at Knamelis. He said he would punch him and ended saying something about riding a rocket. Knamelis won this round of the Mc clash.

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