Monday, November 29, 2010


PUSH PAX started the rap battle claiming that somebody from J-QUEST's camp wasn't his nigga today. He then said his opponent's career would stop today and claimed that he was from Jackson. He accused his opponent of being a hermaphrodite and claimed that he was a wife beater. J-QUEST then went into spit and told PUSH PAX to leave him alone when he was in his zone. He then told him he should have flipped the coin and claimed that now he was all alone. He claimed that he would ill his adversary extra simple and claimed that he would shoot the crap out of his face. He claimed that his crew ran a train on his adversary's girl and sexually penetrated his new born. This round of the match was a tie in my opinion.

PUSH PAX then anxiously went into spit saying body bag gang and warned J-QUEST about talking out his head. He then claimed that he would leave his opposition stiff and claimed that if he wanted to see a a pussy spit he would call lethal lips. He then claimed that there was no talking because his magnum would speak and said he was crazy to empty. J-QUEST then went into rhyme and insulted PUSH PAX family. He then asked express a question and claimed that he moved flour.He said his rival's sisters Stephanie's phone number was 917 478 8273 and finished his verse comparing his adversary to Styles P. His lyrical skills were thorough. J-QUEST won this round of the match up in my opinion.

In the third round of this exhibition PUSH PAX went into spit and claimed body bag gang was the best. He then claimed that his J-QUEST's were bitches with no breasts and called out Norman Bates. He called his adversary's an ass and a bitch then claimed he would be knocking at his door. He mentioned OUN-P and claimmed that he was rocking him. J-QUEST then went into spit and told PUSH PAX to shut up. He then accused him of having old rhymes and said he looked like a nigga that didn't look right. He then compared his opponent to his underpants. J-QUEST won this round of the match.

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