Monday, November 29, 2010


E-HART started the competition first and claimed that she didn't roast a chick in a minute and claimed that before LADI TREEZ was finished. She then claimed this whole battle was just a scrimmage to her and claimed that her opponent had better stop her little games. She claimed that Vague had set her adversary up to be embarrassed. LADI TREEZ then went into spit and claimed that E-HART had probably bit rhymes off of someone else. She then warned her challenger that if she fucked around with her she'd get hurt and claimed that she wouldn't mess with her on a personal level but she would just simply pass her around. She tried to accuse her adversary of working at Gap and claimed that she was bi sexual. E-HART won this round of the exhibition.

In the second round of the rap clash E-HART then went into spit and claimed that they say if you can't beat em they say you've got to roll with em. She then called herself the Y O Bronx bomber and LADI TREEZ better slow down. She then claimed that if she got hype then she might lose it. She then claimed that sleep deprivation was the movement and claimed that she she got a hold over her it was over with. LADI TREEZ then went into spit and claimed E-HART would drop when she pops her gun and claimed that on her block people stay with a gun. She told her challenger that she could basically suck her off and talked about her drop. She was saying anything towards the end. E-HART won this round of the cypher without a doubt

In the third of the exhibition E-HART went into spit and claimed that she didn't like the looks on bitches faces. She told LADI TREEZ that she would go far but just not at the match up. She then claimed that she had mega bars and had been ready. She then said her people that hung with her was holding a semi automatic. Her lyrical skills were thorough. LADI TREEZ then went into spit againstE-HART and claimed that she would come through and clear out all her haters. She claimed that if her challenger wanted to be greedy then i'll give you a taste. She had a quotable punchline. E-HART won this round of the exhibition in my opinion.

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