Tuesday, November 16, 2010

DON'T FLOP - Zenith Vs InstinctiveXpression

InstinctiveXpression started the rap clash first and compared Zenith to the weather. He then accused his adversary of being of practicing incest and called his album pathetic. He then said that his adversary was a junky who smokes or he gets bored with life and seemed to be accusing him of saying predictable rhymes. Zenith then went into rhyme claiming that he use to sniff and said accused InstinctiveXpression of not making hot tracks. He had the crowd laughing from the punchline that he happen to be spitting off the top and started messing up. This round of the exhibition goes to InstinctiveXpression in my opinion.

In the second round of the cypher InstinctiveXpression went into rhyme and said that Zenith's lines don't work comparing them to London Underground. He then accused his opponent of needing maintenance for his music online and said that his adversary's real name was Ty. He then said something about rubbing Eurgh's thighs. Zenith then went into spit and asked InstinctiveXpression why he had a hat on since everybody knew what color his hair was. He then implied that his challenger didn't have a real music studio and had a long pause before calling him a feminine bitch that had never been manly. This round of the match was a tie in my opinion because he had a lot of funny rhymes that kind of evened things out with his adversary's consistency.

In the third round of the match InstinctiveXpression went into spit against Zenith and claimed that he had a speech impediment. He then tried to call his opposition of being fat that might lose his hand when wiping his ass. He claimed that his rival jacked Cruegers I Pad. Zenith then went into spit and said that he would pee on InstinctiveXpression like R Kelly but his adversary would probably enjoy it. He had a ton of funny rhymes but he had some serious stumbles. In my opinion this round was a tie.


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