Monday, November 29, 2010


J.PARKS started the rap battle claiming that it wasn't even close and claimed he would slit MYERS LANSKY's throat. He then claimed he would upper cut sock his opponent and hoped that he had a vest on. He then claimed to move like Trinidad the boxer. He brought up his opponent's matches against Ellz, SP, and Norm Bates. He then called out Lance and made fun of his baby mother. MYERS LANSKY then anxiously went into spit and implied shooting J. PARKS and Rich Dollaz. He then went on to imply that his bars would go over his adversary's head and claimed that he was in his Calico mode.

Int round 2 of the cypher J.PARKS went in to rhyme against MYERS LANSKY and compared himself to swastikas and brought up his 106 and Park battle as well as calling out bones brigante. He then claimed that if was the president it wouldn't last for very long because he would snipe him down. He then ended his bars comparing his opposition to PAC Man when he ate the fruit. MYERS LANSKY then went into spit and claimed that at twin lounge and was hanging around him and Goodz.He brought up Grind Season and Smack. He compared his rival to vegetables and fish food for dogs. He then told his opposition that he had better play his position. This round of the match was a tie in my opinion.

J.PARKS then went into rhyme against MYERS LANSKY and claimed to be on top of the rap pyramid. He also seemed to be calling himself the rap god artifact and said that he slaughters rap. He mentioned Nas, Jay-z, TLC and Master P. He implied knocking his opponent out in the ring. MYERS LANSKY then went into spit and claimed that J.PARKS needed to stop calling him five. He then compared himself to a vacuum and called MYERS LANSKY dirt. He then said claimed that his challenger needed some luck against him. MYERS LANSKY won this round of the match in my opinion.

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