Sunday, November 28, 2010


SLEDGE went into spit claiming that the cypher was a mis match and said SCO was whack. He then claimed that his shot gun had kick back and said he would blow him out of his shoes. He then claimed he wasn't a battle rapper and compared him to a tarantula. SCO then went into the rap cypher twisting SLEDGE's name. He then called him a fraud and an actor. He then claimed he would put his barrel to the guys neck. This round of the match was a tie in my opinion.

SLEDGE went into flow claiming that he was about his business and told SCO to stop rapping. He then claimed that nigga's from Gun Hill knew that his opponent sucked and claimed that he slung krills. He claimed his opponent was a waste and his father should have used a rubber. He claimed to have wolves that were hungry. SCO went into rap claiming that he got a call on SLEDGE and claimed that this exhibition was too easy and said that it would be a repeat of Fox 5. He then brought up Fox 5 and Nova Greezy. He said that he would cook his opposition to make an example of him to the rest and accused him of only balling during income tax season. He had a funny performance. SCO won this round in my opinion.

SLEDGE then went into spit and claimed that SCO did a blog and thought he was the truth. He then said his opponent would be a target if he shot and claimed his opponent was ugly and claimed he would take his girl and make a movie with her. He then said his flow would bring the streets back. SCO then went into spit and said he would catch SLEDGE in the elevator and push every button and claimed that he would beat his adversary down in it. He claimed that his adversary's music was trash and made comparisons to Belly. SCO won this round of the rap clash in my opinion.

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