Thursday, November 25, 2010

streetarena: J will -vs- real

J will went into rap against real and claimed that the brown had him envisioning crazy thoughts while he was sitting with his shorty and claimed that he had been sitting with his forty. He said he had been a top contender and said he had to stack chips until the end of the road. He then said called his his opposition and his team a gang of poodles and said that he would send his boys to come jump him. Real then went into spit his rhymes and his flow kind of reminded me of Cassidy. He went in claiming that he was on vacation going state to state and said that he loved the love but hated the hate. He claimed that all the kids on the block wanna be him and claimed that he kills music. He told J will not hog and to pass the dutch. This round of the exhibition was a tie in my opinion.

In the second round of the lyrical battle J will went into rhyme against real anxiously and asked why they were hating on his nigga. He then claimed to keep fiends running back for coke and threatened to leave him underground. He then told real that he'd catch bullets like a Viking and claimed that he was wavy. real then went into spit against J will and seemed to spitting bars that he used in a previous battle. J will won this round of the cypher in my opinion.

In the third round of the lyrical clash J will went into spit and seemed to be saying something about running a train on a chick. He then said he never sits around for paper and claimed that he goes to it. He asked real if he was hating on him and said that his fiends said that he was a bad cook. real then went into spit and claimed people killing him or knocking him out on the block that he really be. He claimed that he would shoot J will and splatter his brains into the ash trey. He claimed that he would choke his adversary with a chain and claimed that he would hit his challenger with thirty eight special which he claimed was a retarded ass gun. real won this round of the competition.

In the fourth round of the hood battle J will went into rhyme and seemed to be telling a story. He seemed to have got in contact with real's girl and shouted out his click's name at the end of his verse. real went into spit and compared himself to a time bomb ticking. He then said everything he loved got stripped away and said that the best teacher is experience. He claimed that everybody in the hood got there nose in his business. J will got at his opponent harder but i felt what real had to say more so this round was a tie in my opinion.

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