Friday, November 19, 2010

REAL TALK BATTLES present: RT6 - Tryout - Benefit vs Sasquatch

Sasquatch started the cypher first and brought up The Planet of the Apes. He claimed that the chances of him beating Benefit were definite and claimed to be mastermind when he raps. He then accused his opponent of not making sense and claimed that he himself was a bit confused. Benefit then went into rap and called Sasquatch James Boubon. He then accused his opponent of wearing a turban and later on began to mess up. He had a pause for a bit then ended and it sounded like he accused his opponent of stealing his clothes from a rainbow. Sasquatch won this round of the rap clash in my opinion.

Sasquatch then went into rhyme and implied that Benefit was the worst in his division. He also said that his adversary played soccer for a team called the penetrators and ended his verse with Asian jokes. Benefit then went into rhyme and made fun of Sasquatch's eyes. He even said he would teach his opponent a lesson in battle rap and perfection. He also said his adversary was rapping against him like he practiced for him. He claimed his adversary was maggot during conception and then started forgetting his lines. Sasquatch won this round of the exhibition.

In the third round of the rhyme battle Sasquatch went in claiming he would out Asian Benefit than out Caucasian him. He then said his adversary was 24 and mentioned him either being or needing a life coach. Benefit then went into rhyme and claimed that rap wasn't something that Sasquatch would be achieving. He made more jokes about his rival's vision. he would have done better in this round if he wouldn't have for got his lines because in my opinion his delivery was stronger. Sasquatch won this round of the match based on consistency.

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