Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Grind Time Now presents: Cl9wd vs West V

Cl9wd started this money battle claiming that it didn't matter who went first or second and that it wouldn't change the fact that West V was lame. He then said he would put his opponent in a grave and claimed that his family would pray that he didn't make it back. He even said people were sick of his opposition's exaggerated raps and tried to imply that he lived a shitty life. He claimed Lee Hustle's street credit was shot and claimed that his adversary made a silly mistake. West V then went into rhyme claiming that he puts his life into his lines and claimed that he was swinging hard punches. He then said that he did not have an average chick. He then said claimed to be gang affiliated and compared himself to De-bow. He compared Cl9wd to a plane in the no fly zone and compared his crew to Mc Donald's fries and said he was in the closet. Cl9wd won this round by a little bit more but not too much.

In the second round of the exhibition Cl9wd went into spit and asked West V if it was his first time in Atlanta. He then said his adversary was desperate to get a chick to lay with him and was paying for pussy. He then made fun of his opponent's home town and called his city dead. He called his adversary a pedophile and accused him of having an R Kelly swag. He even accused him of being a boring MC West V then started his verse acknowledging the fact that Cl9wd can tell jokes. He told his adversary wasn't bullet proof and implied breaking his hands. He elaborated on challenger being homo and compared him to Lil Wayne. He accused his rival of being a snitch and said that he would turn his team into sea food. Cl9wd won this round of the exhibition for sure.

Cl9wd then went into spit and told people to stop West V from embarrassing himself. He called his opponent a West Virginia mascot that would never exist and tried to imply that he shouldn't be gambling with him. He said that his rival was garbage and a worthless nigga and claimed that a heroin addict gave birth to him. West V then went into rhyme against Cl9wd and said he would murder him and send him up. He then got detailed and intricate in how he would tie his adversary to his car and drag him. He compared his challenger to Troy Brown, Remedy, and C4. Cl9wd won this round of the cypher in my opinion.


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