Tuesday, November 23, 2010


KID started the rap battle first and brought up Fashion and G4. He claimed that his verse was off the top and said he would leave DEADMAN'S stripped. He then claimed to be a corrupted seed since he was born and implied knocking his eye out from the back of his eye lids. He threatened his adversary of what he would do if he fronted on on Stockton and claimed that his adversary was a reject. DEADMAN'S then went in and claimed that KID came off the top. He then tried to imply that his opponent wasn't Tiger Ty the crowd didn't want to hear him freestyle and said a quotable punchline as well. He claimed that he was suppose to go to the LA rap tryouts and claimed that he was in battle mode. He then claimed to have pythons and made a quotable punchline about his adversary's female having messed up teeth. He then called his challengers life an acoustic. DEADMAN'S won this round of the exhibition.

KID then went into spit and claimed to be big and always doing work. He then said something about the back of DEADMAN'S shirt and claimed that he wasn't B Rabbit. He then said he would leave his adversary in a casket and claimed that he was about to get bagged. He claimed that he heard that when his rival mother was pregnant with him she was using her drugs. He started trying to go off the top towards the end of his rap bars but they were straight and kind of funny. DEADMAN'S then went into rhyme and claimed that he had pumps. He maintained his laid back flow but had strong punchlines. He told his challenger that it doesn't matter what his colors was wearing and tried to call him a pussy. He claimed to be a battle rap machine and claimed that he was accused of having screws loose. DEADMAN'S won this round of the cypher in my opinion.

KID then went into spit and claimed that DEADMAN'S couldn't freestyle. He then claimed to have came to the match in a Volvo. He said his opposition looked like a bootleg Dr Dre and claimed that he was just proving himself in the try out battle. He then ended his verse trying to call DEADMAN'S a roach and compared himself to wrestling moves. He compared himself to a chess game and claimed to have sex with his girl. DEADMAN'S won this round of the cypher in my opinion.



Broken Beats Definitive Drum LIbrary from Loopmasters

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