Sunday, November 14, 2010

Rio vs Vennom :Mortal Combat Rd 1/ Pit Fight Battle League

Vennom went into the rap battle claiming that Rio looked like the type to practice incest with his own mother and then implied putting him in a spotlight. He then compared his flow to eating a bowl of mayonnaise and mustard. He also brought up TI, Bone Crusher, Chris Tucker, Man Kind, Mike Tyson, and Oscar the grouch. Rio then went into spit and said Vennom was broke as a bitch. He then tried to imply that the man's girlfriend is a big slut and brought up Arsenal. He claimed to had been rude and claimed that he would step foot on his challengers carpet with dirty shoes on. This round of the exhibition was a tie in my opinion.

In the second round of the rap cypher Vennom went into rhyme claiming to hate Rio and asked his adversary to forgive him. He seemed to be repeating his bars from the last round again. He said that he would put a land mine on his adversary's porch as well and later on ran out of things to say. Rio then went into rhyme and said Vennom's last verse was hot. He then claimed his adversary was in the wrong game. He compared his opponent to Will Smith and brought up G baby. Rio won this round of the match up in my opinion.

In the third round of the rhyme battle Vennom went into rhyme and said Rio liked men beating his meat at night and said he would run up on him at night while he pleads for his life. Rio said he would dis the person who dissed Vennom and accused him of sucking. He said that his challenger sucked and didn't like watching him. He finished by describing how he would make his rival flip when he shot at him. Rio won this round of the match in my opinion.

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