Thursday, November 18, 2010

J-law vs Dino/Pit Fight Battle League

Dino started the rap clash first and claimed that J-law looked tough as a purse. He then said at the end of the battle he would he would kill his opponent for the verse. He then said he doesn't write and claimed his rhymes were real. He was obviously spitting off the top. J-law then went into spit and called Dino Bob Marley. He then claimed to be the best and then said if he didn't kill him then said his men would. This round of the rhyme battle was a tie in my opinion.

Dino then went into freestyle and compared himself to Iverson. He then said his J-law's chick was the type that would wipe him down and claimed to work the block to stack his chips. He then said that he's never gonna start and claimed that he drove a whip with bucket seats. J-law then went into spit and claimed that Dino had the type of flow that had the crowd praying for a time limit. He then accused his adversary of sucking and not being a G. He tried to imply that his opponent probably got born through the anal. J-law won this round of the cypher.

In the third round of the exhibition Dino went into spit and said he would hit J-law up and be out. He then said he would put the strap up in his opponent's mouth if he tested him and said he would pay girls from the hood to come run up in his house. He compared him self to roaches and ended quoting Wycliffe Jean. J-law then went into spit and had some the crowd getting into it. He claimed to that you think of real hard stuff and claimed he wanted to put him on the ground and stomp him. He ended saying that he shuts it down when he busts his gun. J-law won this round of the cypher.

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