Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Bar Exam 7 / GTN Presents: Base vs Lex Diamond

Lex Diamond went into spit and claimed that he would let it be know that he would be beating Base. He then claimed that his adversary couldn't stomach flows and accused him of being the off spring of Rugged's nose. He then said his opponent wasn't Dizaster and accused him of being a minor inconvenience and claimed to do cross country back in high school. Base then went into rhyme telling everyone to relax because he wouldn't beat up Lex Diamond who he referred to as being the little girl from monsters ink. He then said his adversary might have the Andy Milonakis disease and tried to call him Lil Romeo's house keeper. He tried to imply that his adversary's skills haven't full developed. This round of what seemed to be a part freestyle battle was a tie in my opinion.

Lex Diamond then went into rhyme and claimed that Base's girl friend was ugly and claimed he would burn him to ashes. He then said his flow would drown his opponent and accused him of wearing turbans on his head. He accused his opponent's last girl friend of being a guy. Base then went into rhyme and made references to what Lex Diamond was wearing. He subliminally tried to accuse his challenger of biting Dumbfoundead and called his opponent a Halloween hoe. He then tried to imply that his opponent has to do more than make the crowd laugh to win. This round of the cypher was won by Base.

In the third round of the freestyle clash Lex Diamond went into spit and claimed Base dates the monkey from Aladdin. He claimed that his adversary sounded like a Jewish guy and told him that he needed to quit rap. He then implied putting his opposition in his trunk for his last bar. Base then went into rhyme and specified the difference between him and Dizaster. He then claimed his adversary looked like Aladdin's pet monkey. His delivery was way more entertaining and in your face. This round of the exhibition goes to Base in my opinion.

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