Tuesday, November 30, 2010


AMATEUR started the cypher calling YUNG FEDDI a little fagot and impled picturing him getting a record deal. He then claimed that he had a better chance hitting the mega mill. His lyrical skills were thorough. He accused his opposition of being Doug Funny and implied choking him then asking Vague who he wanted for him to battle next. YUNG FEDDI then went into spit and claimed AMATEUR was the doped out cop from American Gangster. He then said it wasn't a good day for him and said that his desert eagle would send his challenger somewhere that people never go. He told Grind Season that this was his season. He claimed that his opposition was whack and tried to imply that he couldn't afford to buy his girl lip gloss. YUNG FEDDI won this round of the exhibition by a little more.

In the second round rhyme battle AMATEUR then went into spit with his Grind Time style and claimed to have a blade that would slice YUNG FEDDI up. He claimed to be a grown ass man and claimed that musically he was Rick James. He then claimed his opponent probably filled his locker with pictures of Silkk the Shocker and claimed to hang with females. He claimed he would leave his adversary in little pieces. YUNG FEDDI then went into spit and said he couldn't be serious looking in AMATEUR's face with his shoe lace. He then said that hoes like him now a days and claimed that he might be his challenger's father. He claimed that he clapped straps and called his adversary a Stewart Little in the face looking nigga. This round of the exhibition was a tie in my opinion.

In this third round of the rap match AMATEUR went into rhyme against YUNG FEDDI and cdidn't hesitate to mention food. He also had a quotable punchline. He then said that he doesn't have any credit cards. YUNG FEDDI then went into this round comparing AMATEUR to him self. He then said his young boy would slice his opposition and gave a shout out to his home boy Jake The Snake. In my opinion YUNG FEDDI won this round of the exhibition.


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