Monday, November 29, 2010


SCRAP DOLLARS started the live match first and seemed to be calling himself racial slurs. He then said he was about his money power and respect. He claimed that he didn't have a pot to piss in and claimed that P.STACKS was afraid of the pressure. He then implied leaving his his adversary laid on a stretcher and claimed that he himself is a wild Puerto Rican. He claimed that there wasn't a rapper out that could sell records better than him and claimed that if it was beef he wasn't trying to throw up peace signs. P.STACKS then went into spit and claimed said he would send SCRAP DOLLARS to Mexico. He then said accused his challenger of not being good with guns and said his girl friend wants to get with him. He claimed to get alot of doe and move a lot of blow and compared it to Dipset. SCRAP DOLLARS won this round of the exhibition in my opinion.

In the second round of the exhibition SCRAP DOLLARS went into rhyme against P.STACKS and claimed that he told Vague to give him the time and the place and he'd be right there. He then showed people how simple his gear was and claimed that he didn't care what he wore. He claimed that he came to do dirt and compared himself to Kane. He then said the last dude who was talking wasn't walking anymore and compared his mack and tec to a stepping show. He said that his rival should make a mix tape called when punchlines go bad. P.STACKS then went into spit against SCRAP DOLLARS and claimed that he was still bagging trees and when he arrives his presence is felt. He then claimed that his challengers girl was crazy and claimed that he had stacks. He then claimed that his mans got shot in a beef that wasn't even his. SCRAP DOLLARS then won this round of the cypher in my opinion.

In the third round of the cypher SCRAP DOLLARS went into spit and said someone should have told P.STACKS that his rhyme were not valid at this match. He called himself Iron Mic and claimed that he was faking with the left and trying to time the right. He then tried to imply that he himself was Tyson before the Buster Douglas fight and call his adversary a no name nigga with a common name. P.STACKS then went into spit and asked SCRAP DOLLARS who he was. He then claimed to have sex with mothers and daughters. He called his oppositions girl a hoe that wants to get laid and said people love his music and never get tired of him. He called his challenger rhymes fraudulent. SCRAP DOLLARS won this round of the rap cypher in my opinion.

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