Sunday, November 28, 2010

Vague Presents KING OF THE RING AR16 vs SCO

SCO started the rap battle first and claimed that they were saying goodbye to a dear friend. He then claimed that his AR16 was sweating his dick hard said that and said that he would throw him off the roof in a Gucci suit. He claimed that he was feeling like Ali and compared him to a turtle with a fitted. AR16 went into spit calling SCO pussy and claimed that he wouldn't even waste any rounds on him. He then accused his opponent of having a man who put in work and said he was gonna get his captain crunch and berried. AR16 won this round of the match in my opinion.

In the second round of the exhibition SCO went into spit and claimed that he woke feeling kind of different. He then said he was bothered and agitated and claimed that he would cook AR16 until he's black. He claimed to be getting woozy and catching flashbacks. At the end of his verse he claimed that his opponent was rode the retarded bus when he was younger. AR16 then went into spit and claimed that the first round was cool. He claimed that he would bury his opponent and leave him looking up to the ground. He then said he would choke his challenger with his shirt and claimed that he himself hadn't practiced for the exhibition. AR16 won this round of the cypher

In the third round of the cypher SCO went into spit and claimed to have bars that people in jail haven't even seen. He then claimed to serve hell of fiends and asked AR16 about the bodies he caught. He then accused his opposition of being frail and claimed to get head from his girl. He claimed that his opposition was boring and asked him why he was yelling. He claimed that he was playing during the first two rounds and claimed that during this one he would get busy. AR16 then went into spit accusing SCO of being gay and accused him of being the type to shoot his friend for the cash like Remy did. He then called his opponent a fagot nigga that worked at Path Mark and called out Deacon Frost for claiming he was with Street Fam. SCO won this round of the competition in my opinion.


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