Sunday, November 28, 2010

Vague Presents KING OF THE RING J-Quest vs Da Smoke Of NY [Full Battle]

Da Smoke Of NY started the rap battle first claiming to spark madness and mentioned J-Quest who was Oun p's little brother's government name. He then said his adversary was a fraud and accused him of going to the school of law. He then told his opponent to pull out and blast when he aired his tool out. J-Quest then went into spit calling Da Smoke Of NY Smokey. He then asked where the king was and compared Da Smoke Of NY to size three on a grown man. He then implied his adversary was about to fake his death and ended with a thorough punchline. J-Quest won this round of the cypher in my opinion

Da Smoke Of NY then went into spit against J-Quest and seemed to be trying to imply that he was a real nigga on the corner that would fight over a quarter. He tried to imply that Vague put him in a slaughter and said that he would torture his loved ones. He claimed that he would leave his opponent in portions and told him to shut up when grown folks are talking. J-Quest then went into rhyme telling Da Smoke Of NY to leave him alone when he was in his zone and claimed to be a mind reader. He then asked how his challenger found time to mention his brother name nine times and accused him of having short arms. He ended his bars claiming that his onpponent shouldn't be rapping if he was born before Hip Hop. J-Quest won this round in my opinion

In the third round of the match Da Smoke Of NY went into rhyme and claimed that J-Quest couldn't get a date. He then ended his trying to trying to accuse his opponent of taking a loss. J-Quest then went into spit and claimed he got a mix tape from Da Smoke Of NY brother then said he could've sworn he see ET on the cover. He claimed that he should have peed on his mother and beat up his brother. In my opinion J-Quest won this round of the cypher.

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