Monday, November 29, 2010


ViCCi started the lyrical battle first and claimed that there was no I O U but he'd be making him pay and said he'd turn BANDANA into pieces. he then said his opponent was slacking and he would jack him. He claimed that he went through his oppositions girl and claimed that he didn't have time for writing. He told Conceited that would leave his adversary lie Pinky. BANDANA then went into rhyme and claimed that he wasn't with face fighting. He then tried to imply that his adversary didn't have keys and claimed that if his opponent played he would get jumped. He then said he would stroll through his projects and mess with the tenants. He claimed that when mix tape comes out his challenger was finished.

In the second round of the lyrical clash ViCCi went into rhyme and claimed to have cane. He then said it's no shark when he starts and that's why he holds jaws. He then brought Amzilla into the equation when he was making fun of BANDANA. He then said he had respect for Vague and cursed at Myers Lansky. He then made fun of what his adversary was wearing and asked who wore the clothes that his adversary had on. BANDANA then went into spit and said he had a license to ride then accused ViCCi of not being blood. He then accused his opponent of not holding work on his dinner plate and spit an off the top of his verse and almost had it. ViCCi won this round of the competition.

In the third round of the lyrical cypher ViCCi went in to spit his bars and implied making BANDANA catch a shell. He then accused his adversary's girl of giving back shots and compared him to Nova Greezy. BANDANA then said his necks cold and threatened to leave ViCCi with arms missing. He then gave a shout out to all his jail home boys and claimed that his crew was the mob. He then said that his adversary didn't want problems like an aids virus. ViCCi won this round of the exhibition in my opinion.

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