Tuesday, November 30, 2010


FLO started the hip hop battle first and called herself the hand on the bible. She then said that dudes would vote for her like American Idol and claimed to be nice with her flow. She called NORMA BAYTS was the ugly duckling that nobody ever wanted and called her a nasty chick. She then said that he adversary needed to step off and warned her at the end. NORMA BAYTS then went into spit and claimed that she would hop over FLO then called her a hobbit. She told her that she should have drunk ensure and called her a remedial bird. She had the delivery but she wasn't saying much of anything. She finished off her verse claiming that her opponent would be a has been. This round of the match was a tie in my opinion and both rappers had there strong points.

In the second round FLO went into this match and claimed to have looks that'll kill. She then called NORMA BAYTS a whale beach then told her she wasn't built for the streets or rapping. She then compared her adversary to a fat dude with a tight jacket and called her a Florida Evans ass. She was on a roll and i thought she would take the verse but she stopped to early. NORMA BAYTS then went into flow and claimed that FLO was a dirty pigeon. She then claimed her opponent wanted to be her assistant. She claimed that she didn't need any assistance and claimed that her opposition is a prank calling ass hoe. Her delivery was thorough and she was real loose with her tongue when she was rapping. NORMA BAYTS clearly won this round of the cypher.

In the third round of the hip hop battle FLO went into spit and claimed to be the new terror that would boot them. She then claimed that she was tired of wannabe gangsters and claimed that NORMA BAYTS was not pretty. She then seemed to be calling her a raccoon and she had a quotable punchline. NORMA BAYTS then went into rhyme and claimed to be a pimp-stress then said she would FLO suck her mans dick. She claimed that they would put her challenger on the shelf since she was in store and claimed to be a beast that they took the harnesses off of. She said Grind Season was giving her unworthy adversary's called NORMA BAYTS tainted meat. This round of the competition was a tie in my opinion.


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