Saturday, November 13, 2010

KOTD - Rap Battle - Dose vs Stepeasy

Stepeasy then went into rhyme and called Unit 8 studios booty whole. He also brought up Dose's friend Mista and implying that they get down homosexually. He claimed that there was no MC contesting him and seemed to be trying to imply that his adversary sounded like an HFK Joe Pesci impression. He tried to imply that his opposition shoot himself and accused him and Arcane of being a racist. Dose then went into rhyme and seemed to be calling Loe Pesci gay. He spoke of Stepeasy as being a victim who was just a step away and claimed that he wasn't to impressed to be set up against his challenger. He then claimed to have had four battles in which he won and said when he drove to Montreal he didn't get any love. He then gave Organik a message. He claimed that his adversary needed to step everything up and had no structure and then claimed his adversary must not have checked his email or read his memo's. Dose won this round of the exhibition.

In the second round of the rhyme battle Stepeasy went into spit and told every one to dis reguard his last bar. He then started making fun of Dose's parents and his girlfriend. He deeply elaborated about on his adversary's girl friend and accused her of dumping him. He tried to accuse his opponent of having a vagina that looks like a brillo pad. Dose then went into spit and called Stepeasy a fagot who had been garbage from the start. He then asked his adversary what his name even meant then tried to accuse him of getting his name from his drunk mother and proceeded to make fun of the way his head was shaped. He claimed that the whole unit 8 Mista, Pat Stay, and Arcane ran a train on his opposition's girl friend. This round of the exhibition was a tie in my opinion.

In the third round of the cypher Stepeasy went into rhyme and said he met Dose five events back and accused him of saying racist things the last time they hung out. He even brought up his opposition's last match in Montreal and Cadalack Ron vs Unorthodox Phrases. He then said a quotable line that had to go on my sick punchlines page. Dose then went into rhyme and asked Stepeasy if he was serious then asked him if his last verse was his best and then gave a shot out to Red Faction. He then said Jewish is a religion and not a race. He said that his rival was from a worthless town where no one was sucsessful. He finished his bars wishing really mean things on his opponents. Dose won this round of the exhibition in my opinion.

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