Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Jrome vs raw

raw started the rap battle and said Jrome could catch butter bean punches. He also called his opponent a flea and told him that he needed to man up. He then implied that his opposition needed chap stick for his lips and said free his boys who were locked in the bang. He claimed that he would slap his adversary in the face with Shay butter. Jrome then went into spit and claimed that raw would get chewed and claimed that his name was probably tattooed on his girl. He then said he use to get head from his opponent's girl back school and accused him of staying back 5 times. He stopped early and ended up not finishing his verse early. raw won this round of the rap clash in my opinion.

raw then went into the second round of the hip hop battle and said Jrome be running with rats. He then said he was taxing his opposition's bread and said he would sock the shit out of his man. He then claimed that him and his homeboys ran a train on his opponent's girl friend and accused him of being a dumb nigga. He then told his adversary couldn't rap and called him a dirty bum funky ass nigga. Jrome then went into rhyme and claimed he was in a five percent tent and claimed that he would put his block out of commision. Jrome then went into spit and claimed he would leave his opponent hanging with one push. He also accused his opponent of having the same IQ as Radio and tried to imply that he was his big brother. He claimed that his child hood would've been better without raw in his life.

In the third round of the rhyme battle raw told Jrome that he was a lame and said he would pot hole his face. He said he would knock his adversary out and seemed to be telling the camera man that could time it. Jrome then went in during this round of the exhibition and implied that he had to get one thing straight. He then accused raw had a clean rap sheet. He said he wasn't another equal and claimed that he had money on his mind. The last thing he implied doing was blowing his challenger's brains out.


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