Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Streetarena: Fame vs Snake eyez (BBC Battles)

Snake eyez went into spit claiming to be a beast and said Fame wasn't hard enough. He told Fame if he was riding to get his engine started up and tried to call his gun lines fraudulent. He then implied slapping his opponent with a shower head and claimed that he himself prays to the lord He then claimed to say things that other emcees never say. He then seemed to be implying that he had been to jail and claimed that he would stuff a turkey. Fame then went into spit and claimed to be getting sick of fake shit claiming that it was played out. He then said claimed that Snake eyez only grabs the gun because he was scared. He then claimed to be a king that tilts his crown to the left and claimed to smoke until he leans. He claimed that in reality people want to be him and claimed that he would teach him how to move and maneuver. Snake eyez won this round but Fame's verse was interesting.

Snake eyez then went into rhyme against Fame and claimed that he couldn't sleep because when he nods off all he hears is money in his ears crying. He then claimed that his chopper would break a nigga down and described his chopper. He then said his adversary didn't have to listen to him and claimed he was real nigga that wouldn't give a penny. Fame then went into rhyme against Snake eyez and said his whole click was there and claimed to walk like Rick Flair. He then compared his weed to albino and ended claiming he would punch his opposition's son in the mouth. Snake eyez won this round of the exhibition in my opinion.

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