Friday, November 12, 2010

Rap Battle: Genie vs Illusion Z, AHAT

Illusion Z went into rhyme claiming that OD had him come there just to make the brackets even. He then implied that he was warned about making black jokes about Genie but didn't really care and accused his adversary of living in a cardboard box in the desert claiming that it's a magic lamp. He seemed to be calling his opponent Jim Jones at the end of his verse. Genie then went into rhyme and claimed that he goes to the store for heat when he has beef. He claimed that it wasn't a surprise to see Illusion Z in Nevada and said he back hand his father. In my opinion this was a tie.

Illusion Z then went into rhyme and claimed that he would get Genie scared in round two. He also claimed that his adversary had empty refrigerators in his nightmares and accused him of getting laughed at in the gym. He claimed to be sexy and all the bitches wanted to get with him and finished with a weight reference as a punchline. Genie then went into rhyme taking a deep breath and seemed to be speaking in Spanish in as attenmpt to imitate his adversary. He tried to accuse his adversary of trying to sell tamales and spoke him an seemed to be implying the guy was from California. He also brought up Strayt Paper choking in his match the month before. In my opinion this round was a tie.

Illusion Z then went into spit and implied calling a mechanic if Genie brakes down. He claimed that tt was easy to beat his adversary who was offended by the thought of a medium pizza and accused him of getting hard from the Olive Garden menu. Genie then went into spit and said Illusion Z was gay before humans evolved. He accused his rival's name of being Alexis and claimed that he messes with his girl. This round of the match was a tie in my opinion

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