Wednesday, November 24, 2010

J dub vs BBunddles

J dub started the rhyme battle accusing BBunddles of sounding tired and accused him of not really shooting guns. He claimed to be the Gucci Mane and claimed that he had a ladder clip with extended heat and claimed that he would make his brain cells leak through his fitted hat. He then claimed that he would leave his opponent bleeding and twitching. BBunddles then went into rhyme claiming that he never had mice but had cheddar to melt and claimed to keep led on the shelf. He then claimed to pop chrome and said he would leave J dub in a coffin stiff. He claimed that his gun makes nigga's dip like sauce and chips. He accused his opposition of reading his bars off of script. He then claimed he had a chrome that was titanium structure. In my opinion this round of the match was a tie.

In the second round of the cypher J dub went into rhyme and claimed battling BBunddles is just a waste to him. He then claimed to kill competition back to back like the Lakers team. He also said he would sneak in his house like a trained assassin and claimed to tote guns that split heads. He then implied leaving his opponent's abs with lacerations and said that he treats the block like the produce aisle. He subliminally used Mob Deep's name and claimed that he would shoot his adversary in the head. BBunddles then went into rhyme and claimed to be married to a gun with a lot of clips. He compared J dub's raps to a cinnamon roll and seemed to be calling him the definition of a tragedy. He claimed that his adversary was a cashier and not a hustler. BBunddles won this round of the exhibition

In the third round of the match J dub went into spit and claimed that he rolls with natural born killers. He then said he was pitching for chicken and said BBunddles was pressed for sex. He compared his adversary to Holy field and called him a bitch. He then said that he loves to pop guns and called him sweeter than icing. He then claimed his cats were ferocious and claimed that he be busting his guns. BBunddles then went into spit and said J dub needed to pace back. He said he would put his chrome pipe to his head like his wave cap and said he would grab his knife and start slicing to make his adversary pickup his face. he had a slip up or two as well. In my opinion J dub won this round of the cypher.

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