Thursday, November 25, 2010

streetarena: County - Cflow -vs- Bill Collector

Bill Collector started the lyrical battle first and accused Cflow of always wanting to smoke and never having a dollar for a dutch. He implied leaving his opposition stinking and claimed that he be messing with his sister. He then implied beating his opponent with his own arm and said he would deuce him. Cflow then went into the rap battle and said he heard that Bill Collector didn't like him. He called his opposition a Whack a Flack who messed money when his crew was bagging and then said he could make it flame with his Calicoes. He claimed that he would hang a nigga by the throat. This round of the match was a tie in my opinion.

Bill Collector went into the second round of the cypher and seemed to be asking Cflow if he was serious. He then claimed to be suck a stallion and had to rock Polo. He then claimed to have waves that shined like they had diamonds in them and claimed that he had something to prove. He claimed that his name held weight and claimed the levy was about to break. Cflow then went into rhyme and claimed that he needed stacks so he called Ron Geese up. He then mentioned J Dub and said claimed to have played the rain maker and Bill Collector ended up shot. He claimed that his rival hustled smoke and accused his customers of being broke. This round of the exhibition is a tie in my opinion.

In thr third round of the competition Bill Collector went into spit and claimed and seemed to be comparing himself to an alcoholic. He claimed that he popped pistols and said that he would leave Cflow home boy screaming if he acts out of pocket. He then claimed that people hate on him when they see him. He claimed that he would make his opposition sprint. Cflow then went into rhyme and said that he din't know Bill Collector's crew and didn't want to know them. He claimed that he was just that nigga and said that if he held his adversary's hand then he still wouldn't be able to touch him. He ended spitting with his dirty south flow. This round of the competition was a tie in my opinion.

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