Friday, November 19, 2010

The Jungle 2Face vs Wattz

2Face started the rap battle first and claimed to get cash and ass. He then said Wattz was whack and claimed that his camp packed chrome heaters. He then said a quotable punchline about Watts and claimed to be Tim Duncan. He compared himself to a bad husband and Ncredable. Wattz then went into rhyme and claimed 2Face was a pedophile. He also tried to call his opponent a sex offender and claimed that you could find the information online easily via internet. He claimed that he wasn't trying to be funny and said that his oppositions raps are regular. Towards the end of his bars he started forgetting his lines and claimed that he despised him. He called his adversary a female ass nigga. 2Face won this round of the exhibition in my opinion based on consistency.

In the second round of the rhyme battle 2Face went into spit and said Wattz was over rated. He then said his adversary would get sprayed on and accused him of looking at pictures of Trey Songs. He compared his opponent to a Young Drake song and accused him of using Heartless's throw away bars. Wattz then went into rhyme and made weight jokes on 2Face. He then brought up Big Will and claimed that he had his opponent backing down. He then impersonated his challenger in his last match against QP. He ended his bars telling his rival to do what he could about him. 2Face won this round of the exhibition in my opinion based on consistency.

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