Saturday, November 13, 2010

REAL TALK BATTLES present: RT6 - Trash vs Heist

Heist started the rhyme battle telling Trash that his career would end at the battle and called him a bunch of different names as well. He even had stage props and called his adversary a junky piece of trash. He accused his adversary of having whack songs on Myspace. Trash then went into spit and accused Heist of having homo tendencies in his body and accused him of never being reluctant to have sex with men. He then implied that his opponent would have to get drunk after he was finished with him. This round of the cypher was a tie in my opinion

Heist then went into rhyme and claimed that it was time for him to take out the Trash. He then called him self the creator and called his opponent out of his league. He claimed that he would kick his rival on the ground so he could taste his feet. I was feeling his flow during this round. Trash then went into spit and said at one point Heist must've been the biggest loser. He said he could imagine his challengers girl pleasing her self at home and ended his verse trying to call him a ugly looking version of Mad Max. Heist won this round of the rap clash.

Heist then went into spit and claimed that he would gut Trash up on the stage and said that no one likes him while calling him a cunt. He then called his opponent delusional and accused him of working at K.F.C. He claimed that he would punch his adversary in his throat if he tried anything funny with him. Trash then went into spit against Heist and claimed to be a K.F.C. gangster. He then said he didn't wanna hear about how his opponent likes to kiss all over some dude and ended calling him a wannabe. Heist won this round of the exhibition.

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