Monday, November 22, 2010


MARTY GRAMS started the rap clash against MARTINI first and seemed to be implying that he was the best right now. He then claimed to be the Dwayne Wade of rap and claimed that he cries when he chops up o's. He told his adversary that he would die and compared him to Ray Charles. MARTINI then went into spit and seemed to be asking the crowd while seeming surprised about MARTY GRAMS was the one he was up against and compared his own flow to an October night. He told his adversary to get a life and claimed to be nice with the heat. This round of the cypher was a tie in my opinion.

In the second round of the cypher MARTY GRAMS went in and claimed that he didn't beef with fraudulent rappers. He also said that he wasn't a boss but he would get MARTINI knocked off if he had to and asked if his adversary was illiterate. He claimed implied making his oppositions last breath sounding like Big Punisher after he would sound after he spit his last verse and compared his guns to lip gloss. MARTINI then went into spit and claimed when it's war MARTY GRAMS is the first to run and claimed that when shots bullet his opponent would die just like Joseph. He said that his challenger didn't have to be on the beach to see shells. MARTY GRAMS won this round of the rap clash in my opinion.

In the third round of the match MARTY GRAMS went into spit and said MARTINI works at Price choppers. He even brought up Maury and compared his guns to video bitches. At the end he seemed to be doing an impersonation of his opposition. MARTINI then went into rhyme and compared MARTY GRAMS to cocaine. He claimed that he heard that MARTY GRAMS was from Queens bridge. He implied that he would his opposition's brains into the street at the end of his verse. MARTY GRAMS won this round of the rap clash in my opinion.

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